Custom Orders

Custom Orders

I would love to work with you to create something unique and bring your vision to life.

Please read the following so you know what is involved…

The custom order process for a new jewelry design starts with you reaching out to me. During this first phase I ask you to describe the piece of jewelry you want (stones, cut of stone, metal, ring size and anything else important to you).

The next step begins after I have a clear understanding of your design. Once we have agreed on a design, price, payment plan and delivery deadline I post a commission payment listing. You may request a sketch of the design during this process, I do sketches as I have time so it may add a few extra days to this process. Unless agreed upon beforehand I typically ask for payment in full to begin work on your commission, this covers all materials and any potential other expenses associated with completing your commission. I look forward to working with you! Thank you for considering my work!

I reserve the right to my work - custom designs may be relisted and used in my shop and portfolio for future sales and marketing.