Custom Listing - 1.3 Carat Silvery Blue Sapphire Kite - 8.1x7.4mm Payment Plan

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Payment Plan

This listing is for the depicted loose gemstone that I personally precision cut on my lapidary equipment

***** This is a payment plan listing:

- 2x Payments, One for $500 USD and the second for $875 USD

 1.37 carats
 8.13mm in length, 7.45mm in width, and 4.3mm in depth 
• Cut in my own fantasy kite design
• Untreated/unheated
• Naturally occurring
• Sapphire/Corundum

• Detailed Gem Description: 
A natural and untreated corundum with a dominant blue hue, a very light tone, and grayish saturation.  Some inclusions are visible with magnification,  see the microscopy report for details. This is a brilliant, open-toned gem, it glows and sparkles in any lighting! 

Photos and videos were taken outdoors under a partly cloudy sky with the sun overhead, additional videos were taken indoors in passive lighting, under my overhead led lights, and by a window.  Please review all the videos carefully. 

Gemstone Rough Country of Origin: Malawi
Cutter: Sennin

• Microscopy Report:
This sapphire features 3 types of inclusions. There a few very small partially healed fractures that surface on the crown or are located underneath the crown of the gem, these are depicted in photo 4. There is also a fluid-filled fracture that surfaces on the crown near the girdle, this is depicted in photo 3. The fluid-filled fracture is very slightly noticeable without magnification.  This gem also has layers of rutile silk throughout, depicted in photos 1 & 2. I used the Photo Atlas of Inclusions volumes 1 & 3 by EJ Gübelin and JI Koivula for visual reference.

I took two 128 photo focus stacks of the rutile silk. Once is cropped with slightly different settings and looks a little sharper. The other is a 28-photo focus stack of the fluid-filled fracture. It turns out that focus stacking itself is an art :P. 

• A GIA lab report can be ordered for your purchase, see the "GIA laboratory report listing" for details

• For pricing on a setting view my "customizable settings" section or reach out to me with your request

• The gem is ready to ship loose or available for a project

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