Payment Plan Listing for Lexie - Oval Tanzanian Color Change Sapphire in a Silver Bezel Ring

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Makers notes:

1x Tanzanian Color Changing Sapphire Silver Bezel Ring

- 1x Precision-cut Songea Sapphire

Gem details:

• 1.25 carats
•  6.7x6.3 mm
• Cut in a custom oval/cushion
• 81 total facets
• Untreated
• Naturally occurring
• Teal Corundum (sapphire)
• Silk (Titanium Oxides) Visible from the underside of the stone

Gemstone Rough Country of Origin: Songea, Tanzania
Cutter: Sennin
Photography: Lightbox/Daylight

NOTES: This stone was really challenging to photograph, the cameras picked up on the blue color under daylight but it also has green undertones.  In most lighting environments it has a purple base with blue and green flashes.  Under a warm white light its a nice solid purple. It has a dark complexion with brilliant blue, green & purple flashes, this stone is spectacular!

- 925 sterling silver

- glossy surface finish

- Textured band

- 3x payments of $330 each

Production time: 3-4 weeks ballpark from final payment

- Follow up with finished photographs once complete

Let me know if you have any further questions and thanks so much for your support!!