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Makers Notes:

1x Precision Cut Color Changing Blue/Purple Umba Sapphire
7.95mm, 2.5 carats

Unique attributes:  Full color shift from blue to purple.  Slight pleochroism from blue to blue green when viewed through the side (girdle) Small Rutile needles visible under 10x.  A minute veil is visible near the girdle under 10x.

- Will include a GIA lab report

- 1x Rose Gold bezel ring setting with 20x 0.8mm VS clarity diamond accents

- I will mail a 3d printed try on as soon as possible.  Size 7.75

Production time: 3-4 weeks depending on the GIA lab

Previous gemstone credit:  $1500

Cost of the color change sapphire:  $3500

Balance Due: $2000

Let me know if you have any other questions & thanks so much for your support!!

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