Custom Payment Plan Listing for Blaine - Fantasy Cut Purple Sapphire Rose Gold Leaf Ring Set

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Payment Plan

Makers Notes:

- Custom Leaf Hand Engraved Multi Bezel Ring set


• 1.12 carats
• 7x4.5mm, custom hexagon, original design by Sennin
• Fantasy Style, ultra sparkly
• Untreated
• Naturally occurring
• Purple corundum
• Unique attributes: Rutile needles visible - typical of Umba sapphires

Gemstone Rough Country of Origin: Umba valley in Tanzania
Cutter: Sennin


- design as depicted

- Size 7

- 14kt rose gold

Payments to be split up over 3 months

Production will begin after final payment is made - Production time: 6-8 weeks

Let me know if you have any further questions and thanks so much for your support!!

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