GIA Laboratory Reports for Riana order #1284

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This listing is for a set of four GIA lab reports for order #1284

1x 3.5 carat tourmaline

1x 8.5 carat tourmaline

1x 1.56 carat sapphire

1x 1.16 carat tourmaline

Current wait from the GIA lab is 4-6 weeks

Let me know if you have any other questions & thanks so much for your support!!


Description Continued:

- The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) laboratory in New York will independently verify the gem variety and any enhancements or treatments (like heat treatment of a sapphire to enhance its color)

- Notes:   At this point I am very confident in the gem rough I am sourcing and my ability to verify it with my own equipment.  In some situations I may not be able to verify if a material is treated so a third party lab analysis can come in handy.  And in some situations with uncommon gem materials their lab may be able to detect a gem treatment I either wasn't aware of or wasn't able to detect myself. 

- The most common situation where a lab report is requested is to verify if a sapphire is unheated.  99% of commercially available sapphires are heat treated and or heat and beryllium treated to enhance clarity and color so being certain the sapphire you purchased from me is naturally so beautiful is a treat!

- The GIA laboratory also offers laser engraving service on the setting edge of the gemstone, the report number can be engraved or even a custom text.  This service is extra, please contact me for pricing if this service is desired.


- Why GIA and not other labs like IGI? GIA is a not for profit organization and has the most universally accepted system for gem grading and analysis.  Their grading standards are often considered very strict, however, in the interest of quality and accuracy I find their laboratory reports to be very transparent.

- In the example video my client had me send the gem to the laboratory prior to setting, it was a 1.6 carat Parti Sapphire from Kenya.  My client wanted to verify that it was in fact untreated, which the lab was able to confirm!  I'm confident my sapphires from Kenya are all untreated based on my own analysis and because I am purchasing them directly from the source.  My contact in Kenya travels to the Garba Tula mining area multiple times a year, makes a direct purchase from the artisanal miners and then mails them directly to me. There is no strip mining or large corporations involved.  In the commercial market supply chain, the rough sapphires would first be sent to Thailand or Sri Lanka for heat treatment and or beryllium treatment and then either cut in a large factory within the country or shipped to China for even cheaper cutting labor. Then they they are distributed to to gem dealers, jewelry stores and jewelry chains.


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