Turquoise Bracelet - Rising Sun and Chevron Stamped Design - Hand Made Turquoise Bracelet

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Turquoise Bracelet - Rising Sun and Chevron Stamped Design - Hand Made Turquoise Bracelet - Substantial Turquoise Bracelet

• This listing is for the depicted turquoise bracelet handmade in 100% USA recycled 925 sterling silver

I hand carved steel rebar for the stamp design on the band, inspired by by my annual trips I take to Taos New Mexico.

The bracelet band is approx 40mm in width and 1.8mm in thickness. The turquoise setting is approx 65x55mm in length and width

• Featuring 1x 30x40mm turquoise cabochon

• Before I proceed with production I will communicate with you regarding sizing and mail you a sizer so that the final size will be accurate and a good fit.
* Please note this is a SUBSTANTIAL bracelet and weighs in at 5-6 ounces of silver depending on the size (almost a half of a pound).

• I custom make this item to order

I use very traditional methods to make this ring,

I hand carved steel rebar to make stamps for this bracelet. First I measure and cut a large piece of silver sheet. Then I measure and stamp the band. Next I solder rectangular and rope wire to the edges. Then I proceed to make the gem setting out of a piece of thick silver sheet that I cut to shape. Then I solder a piece of rope and rectangular wire around the edge. Next I notch the the rectangular wire. Then I measure and notch out another piece of rectangular wire for the gem setting which I solder inside the rope wire. Then I solder the setting to the band. I clean up the bracelet and oxidize the recessed stamp areas and the recessed areas of the rope wire. Finally I set the turquoise and polish the bracelet. This is an extremely time consuming project.



To initiate a ring sizing simply send me a message and I will give you return shipping details. I will cover shipping of the sized ring back to you. Sizing is free for most rings!

Each ring order comes with a free ring sizing band. This can be used to determine a correct size for a resizing or size your other fingers, or gift it to a friend! Remember, it is a wide band so if you are ordering a ring with a very thin band say 1-1.5mm(like a stacking ring) you may want to have it be a quarter size smaller than the measured size.


Materials: Turquoise, Silver.

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