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  • Questions about your order?
    • You can use this form or e-mail me directly.
  • Interested in a Payment Plan/Lay-Away?
    • You can use this form or e-mail me directly to set one one up. See my Payment Plan policy page for details.
  • Custom Orders/ Price Quotes?
    • I am always happy to discuss commissions and will provide you with quotes for custom orders. You can use this form or e-mail me directly if you have an attachment for reference.  Thanks for considering my work!
  • Want a gem re-cut or repaired?
    • I am happy to re-cut or repair an existing gemstone. Most gems will undergo an incredible transformation after being mindfully cut on precision equipment.  A significant amount of gemstones on the market today are "windowed".  This means that light leaks through the bottom facets. Usually they are cut like this to retain as much weight as possible and because the equipment they were cut on isn't very precise. If you can see your finger through the bottom facets of your gem from face up view it is "windowed".   I enjoy unlocking a gems full potential and turning it into a desirable jewel.
    • You can use this form or e-mail me directly with any attachments/images for reference.
    • Here is a reference guide as to how much a re-cut may cost:
      • Small stones: $50-100
      • Medium sized stones: $100-200
      • Large stones: $200-400
      • Complex cuts: $175-400
  • Want your piece of jewelry professionally detailed?
    • Send me an e-mail and I will provide you with a return address.  I only service my own work.

E-mail or text any attachments to me directly, thanks!


Phone:   +1 (413) 212-2647

Gemstone Re-Cut

Amethyst before and After

Custom Design

In most cases I can make a basic digital sketch to give you an idea of what your custom piece will look like