What I cover

I am happy to cover any issues directly related to the craftsmanship or quality like a stone popping out of a new setting.

What I don't cover

I don't cover damage not directly related to the craftsmanship such as standard wear and tear or your ring accidentally falling into the garbage disposal or a prong or gem getting bashed on the car door, etc.

Damage - In most cases I can fix and or restore a damaged piece of jewelry, small fixes or tuneups are usually free.  Substantial repairs are cost of materials and my time.

Chains - I don't offer any warranty for chains


Wear and Tear

How do I determine wear and tear? It varies depending on how long you have had the item and the condition of the item.  As stated, for quick fixes or tuneups no questions asked.

If you wear your jewelry regularly, expect wear and tear.  Gold, silver, platinum and gemstones are not indestructible. I would advise being mindful about removing your jewelry before going to the beach, gardening, exercising, etc.

Certain settings and gemstones handle wear and tear better. Diamonds, sapphires and garnets are among the more durable gemstones and can handle a lot of abuse. Bezel & channel settings handle wear better than prong settings.  A dent in your bezel setting usually won't leave your stone at risk of popping out of the setting. A dent in your prong setting might bend it out of place or worse even break it off. 

Certain alloys handle wear and tear better.  Usually white gold alloys and certain platinum alloys hold up better than yellow gold, rose gold or silver alloys. That doesn't mean that yellow gold, rose gold or silver won't hold up, but they tend to be more susceptible to dents and deeper scratches from regular wear and tear.



I don't rhodium plate my white gold or even recommend it.  If you get your white gold jewelry rhodium plated locally I may void any warranty coverage.

Why don't I recommend it?  It is an ongoing chore and a very unnecessary cost. Rhodium is sometimes used to mask lower quality yellow tinted white gold alloys and is frequently used as a marketing tactic to get you back into the store.


How Long Will I Honor My Warranty

As long as I'm in business I am happy to service my own work!


Warranty Policy

To get started send me an e-mail at sennin@mountainspiritjewels.com with your request to get started. You are required to cover the cost of shipping the item to me. If its something I cover, I will cover the cost of return shipping.



I recommend purchasing an insurance policy for your high end item!

I would recommend insuring your higher value jewelry items with Jewelers Mutual.  Loss, theft and damage protection are an excellent investment especially if you intend on traveling with your high end wares or you are aware that you tend to abuse your rings.

I especially recommend insurance for prong set rings or high end gemstones. For example: if a prong gets damaged causing the stone to fall out and then subsequently get lost, or the stone is damaged from an impact/collision I will work with you and the insurance company to ensure the claim and subsequent repair/replacement or reimbursement goes smoothly.




The statements enclosed herein are a basic outline, each situation that may require warranty coverage or require a repair is unique.  I will use my best judgement in each situation.