Jewelry Care


Matte Finish

This is how you re-apply a matte finish.  Matte finish is unfortunately never a permanent finish on your silver, gold or platinum jewelry.  With regular wear it burnishes, meaning it will eventually become a semi-shiny finish.  With the matte cloth included with your order you can easily re-apply the finish at home without having to send it back.  I mail everything with a classic matte for a uniform and even look but your welcome to experiment with a dull matte or opposed matte finish to see which you like best.  Use the green cloth on the rings exterior and the yellow polishing cloth on the interior for comfort. Also use the yellow cloth near or around gemstones as the green cloth may scratch them. 


How do I clean my gemstone?

 • I recommend an Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your gemstone jewelry, a small household ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution can be purchased online for $50 or so USD. A 20-30 minute bath will leave your gemstones sparkling like brand new. Make sure it has a heating feature or be sure to heat the solution up prior to adding your jewelry to the ultrasonic, a hot solution will expedite the process. Considering the cost of your jewelry or gemstone it is a worthy investment.