When will my order ship?

Most of my jewelry is made to order, see the current wait on the site header. depending on the metal and gemstones used.  All my ready to ship items will be processed within 3-5 working days once you place your order, the description will clearly state if the item is made to order or ready to ship. If you have any questions about my jewelry, your order or shipping times then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ring Sizing Policy

A ring sizing is free but it counts as an exchange, except you have more time to decide to get it sized. You have to ship the ring back to me at your expense, but I will resize the ring and ship it back to you at my expense. I prefer you contact me within 3 months of purchase to initiate the sizing.

To initiate a ring sizing simply contact me and I will give you return shipping details and a time frame from when the ring arrives.

Each ring order comes with a free ring sizing band. This can be used to determine a correct size for a resizing or size your other fingers, or gift it to a friend! The sizing band is considered a wide band (3mm), consider a quarter size smaller for narrow band such as a 1.2mm stacking ring.


Simply contact me to initiate the exchange.

You are responsible for the cost of mailing the item back to me, however, I will cover the cost of mailing the exchange and or sized ring back to you. I will notify you when the item has arrived at my shop and I will follow up with a shipping notification once the exchange and or ring sizing is complete.

What does 14kt or 18kt mean?

18kt means the gold alloy contains about  75% gold
14kt means the gold alloy contains about 58% gold

950 platinum means the platinum alloy contains 95% platinum

Nickel free palladium based white gold is also available for most items upon request, feel free to contact me.

Are my metals recycled?

Yes! Most of my metals with the exception of Platinum are 100% recycled

- 925 Sterling Silver - 100% USA recycled
- 935 Argentium Sterling Silver - 100% USA recycled
- 10, 14 or 18kt yellow gold - 100% USA recycled
- 14kt and 18kt white gold - 100% USA recycled
- Palladium based 14kt or 18kt white gold - 100% USA or Canada recycled
- 14 kt rose gold - 100% USA or Canada recycled
- Platinum - USA

100% Recycled means that the metal was refined from post consumer or from manufacturing scrap metal.
I will often recycle one more time from my scrap pile to make rose or yellow gold beads for rings or for ring re-sizing.