My Story

Diamond and yellow gold simple bezel ring in the making

An alternative method of making a bezel

Fabulous Aquamarine. Hand cut in my modified hearts and arrows design

Custom cut purple sapphire and Candian diamond platinum ring in the making

Two days of work coming to completion

Custom bright cut engraving on this recycled ring I made from an old bracelet. Bright cuts are my favorite!

My workbench view from the floor when I take a break to stretch

Acro at the park with Luzita!

The office right after the storm came through. By storm I mean my last big batch of holiday orders off course!  It was craziness getting everything out on time by the postal cutoff!! Pheww, another holiday season complete!

Handstands at the peak of mount Everett with Luzita!

Handstands at the peak of mount Everett with Luzita!

Finished another beauty!! Using ethical Canadian diamonds!

Umba garnet about to get the chop!

All my diamonds over a half carat come with a GIA lab certificate.  The GIA lab is the standard in the industry.

Aquamarine in process

Bettina (My mother) cutting a stone!

Stunner in progress

Setting a tanzanite