My Story

USA recycled Palladium Based 14kt White Gold

My Brand

My Jewelry & Gem Studio

Proudly Handmade in Great Barrington, Massachusetts!

Here are some photos of some works in progress, my workshop and general snapshots from my life

Diamond and yellow gold simple bezel ring in the making

Color change sapphire ring ready to be set & finished

Hand engraving in process

Custom cut purple sapphire and Candian diamond platinum ring in the making

Making progress on this Montana sapphire multi bezel ring

Custom bright cut engraving on this recycled ring I made from an old bracelet. Bright cuts are my favorite!

Luzita & I on vacation (for a change!)

Handstands every day :P

Out and about with Luzita

Hearts and Arrows Cut moissanite about to get set

Bright Cut engraving on platinum in progress

Diamonds getting set

My workbench view from the floor when I take a break to stretch

Acro at the park with Luzita!

Bending rose gold fabrication stock for a wedding band.

Montana Sapphire Willow Ring Ready to be Finished & Set

Tourmalines that I literally want to bite into. Actual Rock Candy!

Rhythmic grind on this citrine

Stunner Kenyan sapphire just finished

Unusual rough sapphire I'll be cutting at some point

Citrine I cut and made a setting for. Just need to finish and set!

My office and jewelry workbench nook in my old office

Cherry Picking Rough Sapphires for faceting

Finished another beauty!! Using ethical Canadian diamonds!

Minty Green Tourmalines are a favorite!

Exceptional Umbalite Garnet ready to be set and finished

Kenyan Sapphire in the works

Umba garnet about to get the chop!

Tropical Sunset tourmaline in Process

Aquamarine in process

Bettina (My mother) cutting a stone!

Stunner in progress

Setting a tanzanite