Kenyan Blue/Green Sapphire

Makers Notes:

- Size weight:  1.1 carats, 6.8x5.5mm in length and width

- Cut in my own long cushion design with a step cut crown and a concave cut pavilion for maximum brilliance

- Country of Origin: Kenya - Garba Tula Mine in central Kenya

- Purchased from a first hand source, ethically sourced & Fair trade

- Notes:  This stone is very pleochroic, from face up view it has a blue center with mixed shades of green and teal on the outer edges.  It turns more blue or green depending on the angle its tilted. From the side view through the girdle its a solid green. There is a small silky area under the crown offset to one side that reflects from a specific angle under magnification. This is an untreated stone with exceptional clarity.

- Ready to ship!

Let me know if you have any further questions and thanks so much for your support!!

Happy New Year!!

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