Sky Blue Topaz Oval Hand Cut Gemstone - Precision Cut 9x11mm Blue Topaz - Brazilian Topaz

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Sky Blue Topaz Oval Hand Cut Gemstone - Precision Cut 10.8x9mm Blue Topaz - Brazilian Topaz - Loose Gemstone - Precision Cut Gemstone

This listing is for the depicted loose gemstone that I personally precision cut on my lapidary faceting machine

• 4.7 carats
• 10.8x9mm
• Cut in the "Ostentatious Oval" design
• 95 total facets
• Naturally occurring
• Variety Topaz
• Medium Saturated Light Blue Topaz

** Small inclusions visible under magnification

** This was one of my first stones - I didn't pay as close attention to the final polish so there are some small pre-polish marks left on the pavilion facets - only visible under magnification I slightly reduced the price for that issue as it doesn't affect the brilliance or face-up appearance of the gem

Gemstone Rough Country of Origin: Brazil
Cutter: Sennin
Photography: Natural daylight - morning light

• Feel free to contact me for pricing to have it set

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