Tanzanite 7.2x5.4mm, 1.3 carats - Fantasy Cut Tanzanite

Tanzanite 7.2x5.4mm, 1.3 carats - Fantasy Cut Tanzanite

This listing is for the depicted loose gemstone that I personally precision cut on my lapidary faceting machine

• 1.3 carats
• 7.2x5.4mm
• I cut it in my own cushion type design with a fantasy cut pavilion and a simple meet point crown. This design has really good light return and tilt performance.
• Heat treated only
• Naturally occurring
• Unique attributes: This stone falls under GIA's Eye clean classification! This tanzanite exhibits nice pleochroism - Blue face up with purple on the tilt

• A GIA lab report can be included with your purchase upon request, it takes about 2 weeks at the lab though so reach out to me or leave me a note at checkout if you would like a lab report as it will add several weeks of processing time to your order.

Gemstone Rough Country of Origin: Arusha, Tanzania - Africa
Cutter: Sennin

• Feel free to contact me for pricing to have it set

• The gem is READY TO SHIP the next business day

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